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Can Hong Kong rein in runaway home prices?

Hong Kong is the world’s least affordable urban centre to buy a home and has kept its ranking for the seventh year running according to a survey’s study of 406 cities around the world. The city’s home prices are now nearly 90 per cent above their peak in 1997 and there are no signs of stopping. Is affordable housing a distant dream for most in Hong Kong?

On 13 September, our experts gave voice on their views about:

  • Should the government intervene more in the private property market to improve people’s livelihood and the city’s competitiveness?
  • Could increasing land supply solve current housing shortage in the face of an uncertain economic outlook?
  • Could curbing property price hikes help first time buyers buy affordable housing and get onto the housing ladder?
  • Rise in Hong Kong’s property prices vs the real income of the city’s workforce