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Future of work: Are Hong Kong businesses prepared?

The nature of work is evolving rapidly because of advancements in technologies, shifting demographics, trends in talent mobility and new, disruptive business models. Hong Kong companies are feeling the strain: firms must upgrade and digitize business models and services to match the needs of digitally-savvy consumers. But, an ageing society and lack of appropriately-skilled local talent are creating labour shortages. At the same time, those with the requisite skills are being courted by companies, creating immense global competition. Attractive salary and benefits packages, flexible working hours, remote and on-demand shifts, and futuristic offices with various perks are just a few of the things companies use to lure prospective employees. Are Hong Kong businesses prepared for the fight for good quality, skilled talent? Can they keep up with the workplace evolution taking place, and compete for talent with global businesses? And, what will these changes mean for the future of work in Hong Kong?

Hear panellists debate on the future of work, and learn how they recruit and retain employees for today and for the future:

  • What will the future of work look like in 2025, and what skills will be most in-demand?

  • Is Hong Kong losing out against to other regional and global cities in the race for highly-skilled talent?

  • What are the respective roles of government and industry in making Hong Kong an attractive place to work?

  • How will workplaces adapt to people living longer and working later in life?

  • What strategies can companies use to hire and retain younger, ‘millennial’ workers?